• An Expert's Guide to Styling Your House with Plants

    Posted by Annabelle Clifford

    Our very own Electric Eye’s Owner / Creative Director Ash Macedo recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Nicola Heath for Broadsheet Melbourne and Henkell Australia to talk all things Greenery, Styling & Design. Below you can read the full article and immerse yourself in the beautiful imagery showcasing Ash’s wonderfully green creations.  
  • Button Holes: What’s on Trend for 2016

    Posted by Marnie Ebeling

    We are totally into the tradition and trend of buttonhole bouquets. So don’t let the bride have all the floral fun and make sure you are suited up with this exotic essential on your special day.

    Petite florals paired back with delicate greenery.

    We adore this luscious leafy look, bursting with the natural...

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