Date: 22nd August, 2017

Venue: Beachside Dojo, Manly

Brief: When Beachside Dojo calls you up and they say "Hey Poco Uno, you wanna have the keys to the Dojo for a day and do WHAT EVER YOU WANT?" automatically say "ahhhh HELL YES!" and that's it in a nut shell really, and from there we planned and planned and then planned some more, till we found ourselves parked outside the loading dock of the Beachside Dojo at 7am (after a 5am flower market haul) on Tuesday 22nd August, 2017 ready to style a wedding ceremony & reception utilising every corner and floor space of the venue, and not to mention, paying homage to the epic view of Manly Beach front. 

We started off by creating a mood board full of our signature lush greenery, and from there we built upon a white, crisp & fresh aesthetic, playing the soft natural textures of Cane & Bentwood's against the industrial rawness of white wire. We reached out to some of our favourite vendors (see the full list below) to be a part of the shoot, because let's be honest, it's a lot more cozy when there's more people involved. We even secured the beauty that is Ellidy Vlug (our local soul sister from the beaches) to strut her stuff in some seriously stunning Delila Fox gowns....the tone & scene was well & truly set, and after the space was finished, we were nothing more than proud of what we had created. We hit the brief (in our humble opinion) and we made the Dojo shine in her absolute glory. 

A picture tells a thousand words, so take a look and let us know what you think...we would love to hear from you

Poco Uno xx


































Venue: Beachside Dojo, Manly

Styling & Planning: Poco Uno (that's us!)

Floral & Greenery Styling: Poco Uno (that's us!)

Bouquets: Poco Uno (that's us!)

Hire Items: Poco Uno (that's us!) | Timbermill Rentals | Naturally Cane Furniture

Signage Design: Poco Uno (that's us!)

Menu's + Name Cards Design: Poco Uno (that's us!)

Dresses: Delila Fox

Earrings: Sofia Roe

Model: Ellidy Vlug

Hair & Makeup: Chloe Grace

Cake: Black Pantry 

Wedding Favours: Black Pantry

Photography: Amy Kate



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