Posted by Marnie Ebeling

We are totally into the tradition and trend of buttonhole bouquets. So don’t let the bride have all the floral fun and make sure you are suited up with this exotic essential on your special day.

Petite florals paired back with delicate greenery.

We adore this luscious leafy look, bursting with the natural element every wedding should have. The delicate gumnuts combined with the fresh flora’s breath a worldly essence and aroma into your wedding.


Powderpuff blues

Literally MELTING over this look. The pale blue suit paired with powderpuff bouquet is sure to make the brides heart drop. This subtle fuse of velvet blooms, is just screaming for an elegant applause.


Native Neutrals

Are you as addicted to getting into seasonal styles as we are? Well then Autumn is the perfect excuse to suit up with some gorgeous amber vines. However, this decadent look is one to run through 2016, as it is most definitely IN.


Copper & White

Slick, style, class is all we can say to this stunning combo. If you are as obsessed with neutrals as we are this pure white and rusty duo will be the match maker of your dream day.


Addition of acorns!

Thinking outside the boundaries is our expertise, so we have clambered through the bushes and climbed up the acorn tree to find you a unique style that will make your family and friends “ahhh”. Lets be real how adorable are they.


Traditional Babies Breath

You can’t escape the simple beauty of babie’s breath as time and time again it continues to take our breath away. Getting as symbolic as the Greeks will never go out of style so why not fight off the evil spirits and keep your heart pure and loyal with this traditional look.



Obsessed would be an understatement. This soft, textured look has got all our senses hooked. We have been lifted off our feet by this buttonhole’s bird-like features that sing, “pin me up”.


Succulents to match quirky bow ties.

If you’ve got a bit of individuality inside you, let this characteristic sore and show your true self with an original buttonhole look.













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