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Bridesmaids are so important, they are the brides back up girls, her knights in shining armor. We know how important it is for knights to be well equipped with a sword and shield, just as bridesmaids must be dressed to impress. That’s why we sat down with Rochelle from the beautiful local business Bespoke Bridesmaids to talk about what they have to offer for your brides and their maids, ensuring they are looking and feeling as stunning as they should.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

Bespoke Bridesmaids is for the modern bride who wants her bridesmaids to look beautiful, and understands that the better they look, the better she looks.

Inspired by my own personal experiences as a bridesmaid on several occasions and a PR Director in the Fashion Industry for over ten years, I feel it is the start of an ultimate bridesmaid destination that the wedding industry desperately needed. I am sure that most ladies will agree when I say, it’s extremely hard to find a beautiful bridesmaid dress, for the right price, which suits every body shape!

Bespoke Bridesmaids allows you to create your very own unique and classic bridesmaid dress, a dress that will suit each and every one of the bridesmaid’s body shapes. Alternatively, customers can choose a Ready to Wear piece from our E-Boutique.

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What inspired you to start Bespoke Bridesmaids?

The bridesmaid dress struggle is REAL! It is so difficult to find a dress that is a. will suit everyone's body shape, b. will suit everyone's personal style and c. is the right price.

After attending several dozen weddings in the past few years, both locally and internationally, as a guest and as part of the bridal party, the common denominator with the most memorable weddings was not just the beauty of the bride, but equally her bridal party.


Why do you think bridesmaids are so important?

A collective bunch of well-dressed people looks more amazing then the one bride standing out in the crowd!

Bridesmaids are an essential part of a wedding, not only do brides get to share one of the most memorable days in their lives with their closest friends from the night before, through to the evening of the reception. Bridesmaids also assist in extremely important and delicate 'duties' such as helping the bride in the ladies’ room after too much champagne! ;) 


You specialise in bridesmaids’ dresses, what would you say is a style essential?

The bridesmaids goal is to look classic and timeless. Choose a simple style dress and a subtle fabric colour that will complement the bride and will never date. Something that you will look back in 50 years and smile. A beautiful soft hair do (nothing too 'curled' and sprayed) and perfect nude heel also helps when talking accessories.


What else can you offer for brides and their maids?

A guarantee that they will look beautiful on their best friends special day. The Bespoke Bridesmaids team are here for support and questions 24 hours a day to help create their perfect look.


How is your business different from other bridesmaid or formal dress businesses?

Bespoke Bridesmaids allows brides and bridesmaids to customise their perfect dress offering a range of styles and colours in beautiful silk fabrics.


Have you got any plans for the future of Bespoke Bridesmaids?

Bespoke Bridesmaids will be a one stop shop for weddings, including accessories and wedding recommendations.


We spent some time star-gazing through the Bespoke Bridesmaids online shop and we found a few of our favourite dresses which we thought were KILLER-LICOIUS. Here's a few of our fav's.....

Yuki Dress

Navy Dress

Esther Lace Maxi Dress Midnight

Esther Lace Maxi Dress Red

Lune Maxi Dress Milky

Cocktail Dress


So when it’s time for you to gather yourself in a gorgeous white gown and decide what your besties get to wear on your special day, don’t degrade them with a deplorable dress that makes you stand out for all the WRONG reasons, look to Bespoke for assistance and stand out for all the RIGHT reasons.

On behalf of the Poco Uno team we would like to thank Rochelle for her time and her excellent bridesmaid insight xx


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