Posted by Marnie Ebeling

Get ready to release all artistic energy because our brand new Creative Studio is about to blast off. The Northern Beaches is now home to our creative haven, smack bang in the middle of Mona Vale, and let's just say we're excited!
The potential our new slice of heaven could offer is beyond this galaxy. Due to open in the next few weeks, we explore some exciting projects in the making that will be taking place in the studio. All that’s left to say is 3… 2… 1…



Say amen to a room flowing with tranquillity, praying for you to let your soul soar and your spirit fly. Take the leap of faith and begin your new journey in your own Creative Studio. Hold our hand, inhale, exhale, jump.



Do you feel your muscles clenching, waiting for a long needed release? Get physical with this wide-open space that is awaiting your free mind to go wild within. Take your class into the serene atmosphere that breathes a breath of fresh strength and flexibility.


Macramé Workshop

Are you tangled in a tight location? Tie the knot with this perfect position that allows your imagination to travel into the heart of Arabia.


Weaving Workshop

Weave yourself our way and bring the right side of your brain with you because our studio is a flawless fit for your fabric fantasies. Why knot?


Food Styling

Food is art, let it take centre stage and cook up a visionary masterpiece. Entice your inner artist to style up a storm in a studio free from distractions; with lighting so tasteful your eyes will get hungry.


Fashion & Photo Shoots

The sets radiant glow reinforced with a white backdrop frames a picture perfect ambience, capturing stunning imagery with every click. Take your photos to the next level in a studio built on a photographic foundation. We can hear your camera saying “YES PLEASE!


Private Lunches, Dinners & Parties

Need some space to celebrate? We can cater for any occasion. A fully furnished feast, exclusively featuring you and your invite list, what a delicious combination. We can already hear the guests raving.



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13 & 14.






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